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Our consultants worked in the areas of General Management in highly technical industry;

Marketing & Sales in technical, Direct Marketing Consulting, Music and Entertainment,
Publishing Business, Retail Business, Convenience Store Chain, Management Accounting,
Auditing, Human Resources (Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Training)
Brand Advertising & Public Relations and Executive Search Consulting

We are an exceedingly flexible and nimble organization. At HU & MAR Consulting,
we want you not just to like us, but to love us, pledging to provide you with the finest personal service
and hoping that you'll be extremely satisfied with every aspect of the relationship.
We are committed to focusing on your needs, truly understanding your business
and providing your company with the finest talent available.

This is our promise to you.

Striving to enhance the performance of your organization through human capital solutions is what sets
HU & MAR apart as the standard for Recruiting Excellence.
We offer candidates and clients companies personal service, confidentiality, and the most ethical,
professional standards in the recruiting industry

we have a simple but effective and updated database of candidates to search for the top qualified candidates.
A database without an updating system is worthless.

We are experienced and understand how to manage an effective and efficient database
by updating the database on a regular basis.

As an exclusive search agency basis, we want to make sure that we provide
the most competitive professional fee rate for our clients while making sure we will offer our best service,
in the quickest time while proposing the best caliber and qualified candidates