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Our methodology/ focus bring a diverse group of well-qualified candidates
for our clients' consideration. While the process is the same, no two clients are the same
and no two searches are the same.

Hence, our approach for each client is tailored and customized based on the needs of each search.
Our process is built around up-front preparation, broad-ranging research efforts
and highly accurate selection methods. Each time, the assigned consultant
requires strategizing the search, targeting candidates geographically
and psycho graphically and brings the plan to an internal meeting for a discussion.

This approach ensure that we can reach deep into targeted markets to identify,
attract and select not just qualified and available talent, but the most qualified talent.
The following is a brief outline of the process we follow in Executive Search:

1) In close cooperation with our client, we form a partnership to understand the business,
organization, history, culture, and their strategic goals.

We develop a clearly written specification and agree upon anticipated professional fees and expenses.

2) Sourcing begins when both HU & MAR Consulting and our client agree upon
the specific definition of the position and the leadership attributes of the desired candidate.

We review our data sources, including our broad-based executive contacts.
We initiate confidential discussions with sources and potential candidates at this point.

3) Interview and evaluation takes place after potential candidates, appropriate to
and interested in the position, are discovered.

Evaluation includes not only the suitability of the candidate's qualifications
and career aspirations but also their fit for the client's culture and locale.

4) We will submit a confidential candidate summaries report to our client,
as well as our candid appraisal of their fit within the parameters of the position specification.

Our commitment to quality governs everything we do.